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30 April, 2006

Damn, What A Party!

WOW! When these people set out to party, they mean business, oh, excuse me, we're in Texas, I meant to say they mean bidness. Too much to mention here. Suffice it to say, I had the best time I've had in years. Zonker and I shut the party down at 03:00 Saturday morning, and we were joined by this fine gentleman in shutting it down at the same time Sunday morning.

All in all, a grand time was had by all, I believe. My favorite part was meeting everybody, especially two of my favorite ladies, my blogmom, and this lovely lass.

When I was getting ready to go, I experienced some mild anxiety. What if they are all mean? What if they don't like me or my blog. I concluded(correctly, too) that I didn't really give a s**t what anyone thought of me, and proceeded to leave in a better frame of mind. My worries could not have been more unfounded. The love flowed from all the attendees, to all the attendees.

Well, I'm fixin' ta( another fine Texas phrase) pass out, so I will tell more after a rest and a head-clearing.


27 April, 2006

I'm Off Like A Prom Dress!

Well, here we go. I'm heading down to Austin tomorrow for the Blown-eyed Blodger Blogfest, or the Mistake-a On The Lake-a, as it was so humorously coined by someone. This is the first blogmeet I have attended, but the after-action reports I have read of others make me certain that a good time will be had by all.

If I'm not back by Sunday, the dirty hippies have lured me over to the dark side. Please, if that happens, take a firehose to all the hippies you see. One of them might be me, and I'd appreciate the bath. There's only so much patchouli oil and B.O. I can stand.


25 April, 2006

Can't Hardly Wait

Hot Damn! Only three days left until the Blown-Eyed Blodgers Blogfest! There's gonna be some damn fine people there. Just skip over to the site and see how many people are coming that you've always wanted to meet, but never thought you'd get the chance. Show up at the hotel pool and you just might get that chance.

Guaranteed this is going to be interesting.


17 April, 2006

Further Ruminations on Fermented Hops

In my earlier days, I used to drink almost any beer I could get. If it was cheap and anywhere near cool, It was gone. I drank some mighty nasty stuff. Pearl, Buckhorn, Schlitz, Pabst, Lone Star, you name it, if it was cheap, I probably drank it. Comes from youth and a lack of money.

When I got a little older, I started drinking a little better quality, not much better, just Bud, Coors Light, just the mainstream American stuff. A Foster's every now and then, rarely.

The bad part was, whenever I bought any, which was nearly all the time, I thought I had to drink it all before it spoiled, and that it only came in 12-packs or bigger. What I refused to realize was, they make more beer in a day than I could drink in a year.

Now, after developing diabetes, and having two heart attacks, my drinking is severely curtailed these days. I still drink some, just very rarely. Since I don't drink but infrequently, I tried to develop my tastes, and started trying ales and darks. Now, since I only drink a couple of bottles every two to three months, I tend to only buy the higher quality stuff. If I'm only going to drink one or two, I plan on enjoying the hell out of it.


P.S. I found out it won't spoil, either.

14 April, 2006

Yay, Beer!

This is pretty cool, except I think I should have ranked higher on WorkingClass.


(100% dark & bitter, 33% working class, 100% genuine)

So the deal with this test is that each taker, based on his or her
scores, is assigned a beer that fits their personality (Corona, Bud
Select, and so on), and along with the personality description, there's
a poster or an ad for that beer. As you can imagine, most of the images
feature booty models, sports cars, or, maybe even more depressing,
retro kitsch.

It's a testament to Bass Ale, and therefore to YOU, that when I went to
look for ads for Bass, all I found was this. An ad from 1937. Bass is
legit, and if your scores are true, so are you. I tip my glass to that.

Personality-wise, you have refined tastes (after all, Bass is kind of
expensive), but you know how to savor what you get. Your personality
isn't exactly bubbly, but you're well-liked by your close circle of
friends. Your sense of humor is rather dark, but that's just another
way to say sophisticated, right? Cheers.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 84% on dark
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You scored higher than 8% on workingclass
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You scored higher than 59% on genuine
Link: The If You Were A Beer Test written by gwendolynbooks on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

With a hat tip to Beth at Yeah, Right, Whatever

I'm Back

Well, I'm back. Got back Monday afternoon, but I've been so busy catching up at work and at home, I've had no time to let everybody know. I know everybody was worried about me.(Insert sound of crickets chirping)

Just wanted to let everyone know we had a great time. Dear wife went snorkeling, while I stayed onboard and guarded the ship. You know, didn't want none o' them there immygrunts sneakin' on and takin' a job for less pay or nuthin'. She had fun and saw some stingrays, which, I was informed, are her very most favorite animals, right behind frogs and cats.

Me, I slept until noon, then walked off the ship to the pierside market, where I promptly slipped and shredded the skin on one leg, had a guy try to sell me a $435 pair of Ostrich skin boots for $200, and refused to answer to every huckster's cries of "Hey! You! Meester Wheeskers! Come look!" (eh, happens when your goatee is three inches long and growing, it was five inches long on the trip last year) Didn't buy anything, though. I've got too much crap around the house, now. I sure don't need to add to it. Pretty well stocked on Mexican Vanilla, too.

Excellent behavior from the seniors, too. Good buncha kids, gonna be an excellent bunch of adults. No problems on the trip from them. Of course, with 22 kids, and 23 adults, it's kind of hard to slip away to get into trouble in the first place.

All in all, a very good trip. She came back rested and ready for the rest of the school year, and I came back rested and ready for our next trip this summer, when we go on the cruise I won last year.


05 April, 2006

Sailing, Sailing, Over The Ocean Blue

Okay, more like the Gulf greenish brown. Yep, that's right. It's time for the annual cruise, again. I leave tomorrow for sunny, pristine Cozumel. For this country boy who grew up in the Blackland Prairies of Texas, it's downright amazing to see crystal clear blue water where you can see the bottom. I'm used to murky lakes and stock tanks with less than two inches of visibility, where you don't dare go in unless you're wearing shoes.

I love Cozumel. Last year, on my 40th birthday, Dear Wife and I rented a jeep and drove around the island, stopping at a cantina about midway, and having a Coke Light on the beach. I tell you, I'm not much on going to the beach, but sitting there on the eastern coast of Cozumel, looking out at the Atlantic, sipping our sodas, I came as close to pure relaxation as I have ever been. It took a serious effort to get up and get back to the ship after that little interlude. I think I'll look into a secluded vacation spot in Cozumel or Belize for this summer or next.


02 April, 2006

It's Too Damn Early... or Late... One Or The Other

Man, I love my job. Here I sit, at 0400(That's 4 o'clock in the Aay Emm) because we had a scheduled outage Saturday night/Sunday morning, and I didn't even have anything to do during this outage. I just had to be here because I am oncall this week.

Oh, well, I really do love my job, and this is a rarity. I just love to bitch, and hadn't had anything to bitch about lately. If I start talking about the illegal immigration issue, my head will asplode. If you start waving that Aztlan flag at me while complaining about the immigration bill, not only will I make you eat that f**kin' flag, I'll kick your ass all the way back to Mexico, afterwards. If you loved Mexico so much, get the hell back there.

Damn, see what happens when it's this early.