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25 April, 2008

Never Let It Be Said I Don't Think Of My Friends

Hey, Eric! I found something just especially for you! Now, on those dark, dreary, moonless nights, you can take this out, wind it up, and let the hilarity commence. B-D>


18 April, 2008

Meet Our New Mascot

I'm back from the cruise. Actually, we got back Monday evening, but I've been dealing with the aftermath of something that happened at work while I was away.

See this lovely little fellow? He's our new mascot at work. His name is Kris, as in Kris P. The Squirrel.

Look well upon him, my fellow IT sojourners, and all you others, too. This is a perfect object lesson as to what happens when you make a connection from the main power line coming in to the Datacenter and the grounding strap for the lightning protection system. Ah, but what about the uninterruptible power supply system, you ask? Well, your generator may be able to come on and switch the load in 3 to 5 seconds, but that's not good enough if the bad batteries in the UPS are only able to carry the load for 2 seconds. Things get crispy(Kris P., get it?), and other things, like servers, get fried. Things like databases get corrupted, and poor schmoes like me and my coworkers get to work virtually around the clock to get everything restored.

YAY, what fun!



P.S. I had fun, until I got home.

P.P.S. And before any of you start yelling at me about animal abuse, the squirrel did this all on his own. He made the decision, he paid the consequence, we just had to clean up the mess. B-)>

09 April, 2008

That Time, Once Again

Yes, folks, it's that time of the year, once again, where I leave these dreary, drab shores for the sunny beaches and sparkling waters of Cozumel, there to shepherd those lucky seniors(high school, not geezers) through the international waters of diplomacy and language-building(very important - you never know when you will need to use the phrases "Donde esta el bano? Yo estoy muy enfermo!" or "Donde esta la playa de la nudistas?"*)

I just wanted y'all to know where I was, and that I hadn't disappeared, not that you'd notice that from the drop in blogpost output, or anything. B-)>


*Don't yell at me because the Spanish grammar is incorrect. I know it, I just can't do anything about it. [sarcasm]Thanks, Blogger[/sarcasm]

06 April, 2008

Fun Times

It’s 6:30 in the morning, a Sunday morning, to be precise.

I’m sitting at my desk at work.

I’ve been sitting here since 4:00 Saturday afternoon.

God damn these failing upgrades and the drunken codemonkeys who wrote them.

Doesn’t anybody have any pride in their work anymore? This is the third time they’ve sent this upgrade, and it’s still failing to install. We’re talking hundreds of jobs for me to run.

What a fun way to spend a beautiful weekend.