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20 December, 2007


Well, I fooled around and forgot to submit my name to El Capitan's great Christmas Card Blowout. I was kinda sad, too, 'cause he's a good friend and an all around good guy, and I was bummed because I thought he'd be insulted, like I didn't want a card from him this year.

Well, guess what I received in the mail today?

That's right! An official Piraty Christmas-gram, wishing me, my family, and my leg well this coming year.

Oh, and more proof he's a man of his word. He said in his post that he didn't lick the envelopes, because he wasn't feeling up to snuff, and didn't want anybody to get sick, too. Well, what could be more proof than this?

Now, is that a great guy, or what? Guarantees in writing right on the envelope! Does kinda dis the cats, though.


P.S. Yes, I was a lazy asshole, and didn't send any cards out this year. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

Great News

Almost forgot to share this.

I went back to the Prosthetist Wednesday. As you all remember, I was supposed to be casted for the new leg the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. Instead, I went ahead and got sick and developed Cellulitis in the good leg, and in the stump, before Thanksgiving. That put the kibosh on that.

Well, I finally got another appointment, figuring they would just look at it, ensure that it was still doing well, and schedule the casting for later on. I got in there, she called me back, and when I got in the room, she told me to scoot a little closer to her, onto the chair mat, because she was a little messy with the plaster.

That's right! They went ahead and casted me on Wednesday! YEEEE-HAAAAW! She said that she would send the mold off to be recreated in clear plastic. This is supposed to come in as soon as next week! Then, she'll fit it to my leg, shaving some off, building some parts up, and whatever is required. Then it goes back and they cast the real socket. I go back in, get fitted in that, and WALK OUT WITH MY LEG! That's right, I said WALK out!

How cool is this? I am almost beside myself with anticipation! I am so ready to get out of this wheelchair and back on my own two feet, I can't stand it!


18 December, 2007

We Gotz LOLKittehs!

As promised, here are some pics of the furballs, and some of the Grand Matriarch Cat. She really hasn't accepted the kittens yet, but we have to keep them seperated for a week, because the kittens have worms, and our cat doesn't.

That's Isabella on the left, with the whiter patch on her nose, and Smokey on the right. Remember, our son is a firefighter. The first time I saw these cats, my wife told me of her plan to let the kids name them. I told her right away, that Dear Son would name her Smokey. Now where the name Isabella came from, that's any body's guess.

Mah lazers r charged, but Ah'm not thru sulkin' yet!

This is Priscilla, sulking under the bench at the end of our bed, because we have the kittens out of their isolation room.

We can see here how tore up the kittens are about Purr-purr sulking in the other room.

Ok, done sulkin'! You may hold me now. I said, you may hold me now!


14 December, 2007

Checking In

Hi. Once I got out of the hospital and back to work, I got stuck on a BIG project that's taking all of my time, hence, no posting. Sorry.

On a sadder note, my wife lost one of her cats right after Thanksgiving. the poor thing had crystals in her urinary tract, was miserable, and not getting better. The vet recommended suggested removing her from her pain, and my wife reluctantly agreed. This tore my wife up for a good while.

Just yesterday, my wife called me at work and said another teacher had some kittens to give away. Their mother had been killed by a dog, and he had rescued them from the same fate. He was going to make them outside cats, unless he could give them away.

Now, how am I going to say no to a story like that?

Long story short, we're now the GRANDparents(ostensibly, she gave the cats to our kids, meaning, they get to name them, we get to care for them) to two 8-week old fuzzy little furballs. They're Chocolate-Point Siamese, according to the vet.

My wife is bound and determined to turn me into a cat-person.


P.S. Pictures soon, I promise.

Clarification: I know it sounded like we put her to sleep pretty fast, but it wasn't like that. My wife gave her two or three courses of antibiotics, the cat stayed at the vet for a while, all that stuff. Believe me, putting her to sleep was the LAST thing my wife wanted to do. There was just no other option. Sorry I made it sound like that.