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30 June, 2006

My Favorite Acidman Post

Everybody has been putting trackbacks on their blogs to their favorite GutRumbles post since Rob's passing. I spent some time looking through the archives, but finally decided I don't have a favorite post. There are so many that show his love for his kids and his family. There are others that show his pride in being Southern. Still others show his joy in being a musician. Some of them show a somewhat misplaced anger at people who were only trying to help. Some show a well-deserved anger at people who are trying to take advantage of him or his loved ones. Some are funny. Some, not so much.

They're all my favorites.

Go through his archives, I bet they'll become yours, too.

28 June, 2006

How Do They Not Know How WrongThey Are

How can the Loony Left support the terrorists? Don't they know that the Jihadists hate everything the left stands for? What do they think would happen if they tried some of their tactics over there? Do they really think the people who kill their own daughters for "Honor" would appreciate their "Breasts, Not Bombs" parade?

If you've never seen what the Loony Left is up to, go over to zombie's place for a real eye-opening view of what these people think is civilized discourse.

You tell me if you think these people who make their women dress in burqas would appreciate the girls in bikinis marching in their name.

Someone has to make the Loony Left realize they would be first in line in a sharia court.


26 June, 2006

So Sad

I just read that a leading light in the blogosphere has passed away. He had been suffering lately and now I hope his suffering is done.

Godspeed, A-Man, Godspeed.


P.S. I was sad, but I thought I was doing OK. Holding it together. Until I saw this.

Damn you, Chris. Thanks, too. Very eloquent.

20 June, 2006

Damnedest Thing I Ever Saw

Well, maybe not THE damnedest, but it was still pretty danged funny. My dear wife and I watched a show the other night on Animal Planet. You know, the channel that's all animals, all the time? Anyway, it was called Romeo and Juliet: A Monkey Love Story.

That's right, a monkey love story. They had taken the story of Romeo and Juliet, found a couple of troops of monkeys in Indonesia, and filmed and edited them in a way to follow the love story. It was the funniest thing we had seen in a long time. The temple monkeys were the Montagues, the market monkeys were the Capulets. Of course, shy, demure Juliet Montague monkey fell in love with bold, brash Romeo Capulet monkey, then the Montague temple monkeys attacked the Capulet market monkeys because of the forbidden love. Romeo is driven off by his own troop in the end, though, whereupon he leaves by jumping aboard an outbound train, and Juliet is doomed to forever search the trains for her lost love. I know it's not the story verbatim, but where's a monkey gonna get poison, or a dagger?

Man, I'm telling you, I howled with laughter at this show. Of course, the irony of my wife being an English teacher was not lost on me, either. She recorded it and is planning on using it when she teaches Romeo and Juliet(the Shakespeare version) in her classes.

If you ever see this coming on again, you have to watch it. Nothing's funnier than a bunch of monkeys, especially ones doing Shakespearean drama.


19 June, 2006

Ya Gotta See This Movie

This weekend, my dear wife and I took our kids to see the new movie from Disney and Pixar, Cars. This was a great movie, for adults and kids alike. The kids were laughing through nearly the whole movie, and my dear wife and I had a great time identifying the voices of the different characters.

Some people have said that this is just a retelling of "Doc Hollywood", a movie that came out a few years ago, and starring Michael J. Fox and David Ogden Stiers. It's the same basic story, but it's a great retelling.

I highly recommend taking your kids to see this movie. If you don't have kids, take a niece or nephew. Do what you gotta do, but go see this movie.


12 June, 2006

This Is About Damned Enough!

People with heart conditions or weak constitutions should skip this post. All others, pay attention!
This is quite possibly the lowest, cruelest, most disgusting thing I have ever heard of. What kind of sick asshole gets any kind of kicks from shit like this? The Loony Left has done some low things, but this is just sickening.

What could they be thinking? Do they really think acts like this will change anybody's mind? This would seem only to enrage those who support our troops. This shows very little thought and reflection on their part.

People, this is the last straw! They're crossing a line they didn't think about before crossing. Someone is going to lay a well-deserved smackdown on their ass when they get caught, and I'm hoping like hell they get caught soon.


08 June, 2006

Go Watch This, Then Thank A Soldier!

While looking around with my favorite plugin for Firefox, StumbleUpon, I found this. Go watch this slideshow, then go kick a lamestream journalist in the 'nads.

'Nuff Sed!


04 June, 2006

Hey, Grandpa, What's For Supper?

My in-laws so rock! Do you remember my Mother's Day post, the part about my mother-in-law?
Saturday, my dear wife was talking to her mother. My MIL asked her if we needed anything from a local country meat market. They were going there to eat lunch and wondered if we would like them to pick up anything for us. My wife asked me if I needed anything, and I, half-jokingly, said "Naw, I'm good, although, I could use some hamhocks for a pot of pinto beans.", never dreaming they would take me seriously.

After church today, we met at a little Mexican restaurant for Sunday dinner, a custom of ours. After dinner, they had us come to their car. There, they handed our daughter a bag of Ranger cookies, a coconut-and-pecan taste of heaven. They gave our son some dried sausage sticks for his camping trip today, and gave my wife some rat cheese, all from this meat market.

Then, with a big grin on her face, she said "Here, (Walrilla), this is for you."


Oh, man, sweet! I'm gonna have hamhocks and beans! And cornbread! And tomato and onion salad!

Unfortunately, I will be eating them alone. I was informed, in no uncertain terms, that I was not to even unwrap them in front of my wife or daughter. Oh, well, more for me! B-)>

Now, do I have great in-laws or what?