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20 June, 2006

Damnedest Thing I Ever Saw

Well, maybe not THE damnedest, but it was still pretty danged funny. My dear wife and I watched a show the other night on Animal Planet. You know, the channel that's all animals, all the time? Anyway, it was called Romeo and Juliet: A Monkey Love Story.

That's right, a monkey love story. They had taken the story of Romeo and Juliet, found a couple of troops of monkeys in Indonesia, and filmed and edited them in a way to follow the love story. It was the funniest thing we had seen in a long time. The temple monkeys were the Montagues, the market monkeys were the Capulets. Of course, shy, demure Juliet Montague monkey fell in love with bold, brash Romeo Capulet monkey, then the Montague temple monkeys attacked the Capulet market monkeys because of the forbidden love. Romeo is driven off by his own troop in the end, though, whereupon he leaves by jumping aboard an outbound train, and Juliet is doomed to forever search the trains for her lost love. I know it's not the story verbatim, but where's a monkey gonna get poison, or a dagger?

Man, I'm telling you, I howled with laughter at this show. Of course, the irony of my wife being an English teacher was not lost on me, either. She recorded it and is planning on using it when she teaches Romeo and Juliet(the Shakespeare version) in her classes.

If you ever see this coming on again, you have to watch it. Nothing's funnier than a bunch of monkeys, especially ones doing Shakespearean drama.



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