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04 June, 2006

Hey, Grandpa, What's For Supper?

My in-laws so rock! Do you remember my Mother's Day post, the part about my mother-in-law?
Saturday, my dear wife was talking to her mother. My MIL asked her if we needed anything from a local country meat market. They were going there to eat lunch and wondered if we would like them to pick up anything for us. My wife asked me if I needed anything, and I, half-jokingly, said "Naw, I'm good, although, I could use some hamhocks for a pot of pinto beans.", never dreaming they would take me seriously.

After church today, we met at a little Mexican restaurant for Sunday dinner, a custom of ours. After dinner, they had us come to their car. There, they handed our daughter a bag of Ranger cookies, a coconut-and-pecan taste of heaven. They gave our son some dried sausage sticks for his camping trip today, and gave my wife some rat cheese, all from this meat market.

Then, with a big grin on her face, she said "Here, (Walrilla), this is for you."


Oh, man, sweet! I'm gonna have hamhocks and beans! And cornbread! And tomato and onion salad!

Unfortunately, I will be eating them alone. I was informed, in no uncertain terms, that I was not to even unwrap them in front of my wife or daughter. Oh, well, more for me! B-)>

Now, do I have great in-laws or what?



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