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05 May, 2006

Profiling (In A Good Way)

Oh, man, too many good memories to keep them all straight. Let's see what I can pull out of the scrambled eggs I call brains:

Denny - The first one I met when I walked into the hotel. Unfortunately, an introduction was about all the time I got to spend with him. A most gracious, funny, and fun-loving man.

Jim and TJ - Next up were Jim and his daughter, TJ. A more convivial pair you would be hard-pressed to find. Jim and TJ introduced themselves to me and invited me to sit at the bar with them. Who could refuse that offer?

Tammi - Sitting with them was Tammi. I definitely would have liked to get to know her better. She introduced herself, but then had to leave. Maybe next time. Very classy lady.

Confabulator - A great blogger and an even better conversationalist. I spent a good bit of time with him, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Mike - Someone else has called him the phantom blogger. He was there, then he wasn't. Maybe next get-together I can talk with him.

El Capitan - Dude, when the hermanos talk about custom flame jobs on their lowriders, I don't think what happened to you is quite what they're talking about. We definitely need some more hanging out time.

Zonker & Redneck - What can I say about these fine gentlemen, except, we closed the party down at 03:00 a.m. in the morning, both nights, and it wasn't damn near enough time to spend with you fellows. Oh, yeah, grunt, grunt, t*tties, grunt, fishing, grunt! Damned hilarious!

Eric - My pasty-faced patio partner. You know, Goth kids look at you and say "Damn, Get some sun, man!"

Livey - A real live wire bundle of energy. I feel more energized just being around her. When I picked her up at the airport, I began to grin, and I haven't stopped smiling, yet. Just a joy to be around with an almost childlike naivete' about some things, she needs to move to Texas.

Leslie - The Bus Driver, The Omnibus Driver. A wonderful lady that I had the pleasure of chaffeuring, along with Livey, to the Salt Lick on Friday night. Just wanted you to know I'd drive y'all anywhere you want to go.

Rob - I would have liked to have spent some time talking with His Acidic Self, but time only lasts so long. Definitely at the next meet.

T1G - Didn't get to spend any 1 to 1 time with him, but that's an error I'm going to make damn sure to correct next time.

Oddybobo - Another one I didn't spend near enough time talking with. Just as cute as a button

Boudicca - This lady, well, she's huge! A GIANTESS, I tell you, a GIANTESS. I was standing next to her once, and I was looking directly at her kneecaps! (Everybody, I know she's no bigger than a minute, just shhh and let her keep on thinking what she wants. If she's not that big in stature, at least her heart and her mind are.)

Shoe - Wow, just wow. The best cat-herder I ever met, she did it all with a smile on her face, and without using a baseball bat on anyone. I hear the call of mini-meets, shoe.

Elisson - The Dapper Dandy, the International Man of Mystery, and a pretty good poet, too. This is the man who makes Hawaiian floweredy-shirts(yes, that's how you say it in Texas) look like dress shirts. The man is Smooooooooov. Not smooth, but Smoooooooooov!

Kelley - Again, not much time spent talking to her, but I enjoyed what time I was around her.

Christina - What a joy it was to finally meet my blogmom. A classy, quick-witted, funny lady whose intelligence is matched only by her charm.

Dash - Dash, Elisson, and Marcus. The holy trinity of Coool. The extra o is there because they're so cool, it takes an extra o to encompass just how cool they are. Spent some good time talking to Dash, just wasn't long enough.

Denita - Definitely need to meet again for more conversation.

Nancy -Kinda shy, but very sweet. Don't let any of us run you off, Nancy. See ya at the next one.

Marcus - The third part of the trinity, and I'm sure he does voice-overs for Redneck whenever 'Neck loses his voice.

Knine - The Screaming Chipmunk Herder. Man, I didn't catch the story, but I sure wish I had. We need to get together again over cigars and a Guinness or twelve.

Beth - Got to sit with her at the Salt Lick, along with Darth Misha, his wife, and their kids. Unfortunately, it was too noisy for conversation. I would like to remedy that situation, soon.

Darth Misha - Not near as angry as he appears to be on his blog. Very nice, need to talk with him some more.

DeathKnyte & Lord Spatula - I didn't get to meet these two at Salt Lick, and my tired ass slept through the shoot. Definitely my loss, and one I would like to correct.

The Delftsman and his daughter - I am in total freakin' awe! Your heart asplodes, so you decide to come to a blogmeet! I didn't want to move after either of my heart attacks, and they were minor. Dude, you so rock! and so does your daughter!

Every one I met was someone I would like to spend some more time with.The experience was great.

Just to let you know how much fun I had, I'm usually the party pooper. I don't actively try to ruin a party, I'm just the one in the corner, by myself, talking to no one, not meeting anybody, not having any fun.

This time, I talked to everyone I possibly could, I mingled, I carried on conversations, I laughed, I made people laugh, I had fun. And let me tell you, brothers and sisters, that ain't me.

Except, this time, it was. There was nothing forced in my laughter. There was nothing strained in my conversations. Everyone I laughed with, I laughed. There were no nervous chuckles, no contrived smiles. There was only warmth, camaraderie, and genuine friendship.

It was like getting together with lifelong friends you've never met before.

I know that's a weird statement, but it's a great feeling.



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