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17 April, 2006

Further Ruminations on Fermented Hops

In my earlier days, I used to drink almost any beer I could get. If it was cheap and anywhere near cool, It was gone. I drank some mighty nasty stuff. Pearl, Buckhorn, Schlitz, Pabst, Lone Star, you name it, if it was cheap, I probably drank it. Comes from youth and a lack of money.

When I got a little older, I started drinking a little better quality, not much better, just Bud, Coors Light, just the mainstream American stuff. A Foster's every now and then, rarely.

The bad part was, whenever I bought any, which was nearly all the time, I thought I had to drink it all before it spoiled, and that it only came in 12-packs or bigger. What I refused to realize was, they make more beer in a day than I could drink in a year.

Now, after developing diabetes, and having two heart attacks, my drinking is severely curtailed these days. I still drink some, just very rarely. Since I don't drink but infrequently, I tried to develop my tastes, and started trying ales and darks. Now, since I only drink a couple of bottles every two to three months, I tend to only buy the higher quality stuff. If I'm only going to drink one or two, I plan on enjoying the hell out of it.


P.S. I found out it won't spoil, either.


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