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19 March, 2006

If G*d had meant Texans to ski...

He would've made bullshit white!

My son just got back from his first ski trip ever. He's all right, no broken bones, but he did twist his knee, and now he's got Cedar Fever, from being where the air is clear, then coming back here where the air is a solid mass of cedar pollen. Oh, well, he's young, he'll survive.

His baseball coach is not going to be real happy with him for twisting his knee. Kinda hard to pitch when you can't put all your weight on your stationary leg without wobbling. Guess he'll be out of the rotation for a while.

I've never been skiing, even though I like cold weather. Being from Texas, I was eight years old before I saw my first snow. It was a few years before I saw my second. You people up north don't need to start in on me about how good I've got it. I've been able to wear short sleeve shirts most of the year here. Dreaming of a white Christmas? I've never seen a white December!

Oh, well. I'm glad my son is back whole.



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