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08 February, 2006

Don't Get Your Panties In A Wad So Easy

Well, seems like someone's delicate sensibilities were offended over at El Capitan's Pirate Ship. Cap'n tells 'em to get bent in very polite terms. More polite than I would have been, I can tell you.

Seems they thought something Cap'n said "might offend someone"! Cappy, as well as I, believe that usually means "I am offended by something you have said". If it offends you, speak the hell up! Say so, if it offends you. Don't pussy-foot around, Let the offender know, so he can say 'Yeah, I'm sorry to have offended you', or tell you to go to Hell. After all, it is his blog.

His blog, his words.

My blog, my words.

Don't like it, tell me why you don't like it, just don't say it might offend someone! Hell, 99% of what anyone writes offends someone! I might offend someone with what I write( if I wrote more, that is)

If I offend you, tell me so we can work through it and come to an understanding. Tell me I might offend some, I'll tell you I don't really give a damn!



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