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22 February, 2006

"Gotta Have a J.O.B., If You Wanna Be With Me"

WTF is up with this? Now that they got rid of all the broke-ass people, they think they're going to keep them out? Maybe Katrina was just an excuse to get rid of all the people on Welfare.

What in Hell makes them think Houston, Dallas, and all the other cities want to keep them? I'm sure they would rather keep the hard working people, and send the non-working assholes back!

Now, that's some damn gratitude for you! They were screaming, "Help us! Help us!", without doing a damn thing for themselves, i.e. using school buses to evacuate instead of letting them get flooded out, then when it's time for everybody to move back, "Oh, we only want the people willing to break their backs for us, so we don't have to do anything, like provide project housing, or food stamps. Y'all can just keep them others."!

Well, to hell with that mess! All those other cities have enough broke-ass people of their own. They don't need any of New Orleans' mess, too.

Funny how you didn't hear any of this crap from Western Louisiana. Them coon-asses were already rebuilding, damn near before the hurricane even ended. That's the kind of people you want to help. Someone that's trying to do it with their own sweat and blood and elbow grease, not someone who wants other people to "rescue" them from their own dumbassery!


Oh, yeah, the word coon-ass was used with admiration and a bit of joshing, not mean-spiritedness!


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