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15 March, 2006

DeathRace 2006

I wonder why people always have to cut across two or more lanes of traffic to enter or exit a highway RIGHT in front of me, causing me to slam on my brakes? Are they that tired of living? Could they not figure out that if they were going to get on the highway, they might want to be in the RIGHT FRICKIN’ LANE!?

Seriously, people have nearly hit me 5 times this week trying to enter the highway from the far right hand lane of the service road. I used to live in Houston, and people were never this bad there. I live in a small town now, only about 30, 000 people, but half of them are crazy drivers.

If this keeps up, I am going to buy that ’78 Chevy 1-ton, put on a drill-stem brush guard, hotrod the engine, and DARE ’em to cut in front of me again! Nothin’ says fun like pushin’ a Ford Taurus down the highway at 90 mph, with them standing on the brakes and it having no effect whatsoever. Bet it’d make ‘em think twice about cutting in front of that bald guy grinning like a homicidal maniac!

I’m just sayin’!


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