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03 March, 2006


Okay, as promised, here is the post I said I would put up tonight.

Well, that looks kinda skimpy. Let's fill it out some.

PEBKACs - Up in my title bar I promise bonus points for anyone who knew what a pebkac or an I-D-10-T was. I-D-10-T is easy. It's computer geek-ese for idiot. Pebkac is a little more difficult. I noticed a visitor got here today by searching for "what is a pebkac". That's a term from my Customer Service Helpdesk days, and it means "Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair", and was a more obscure term to describe a luser who just couldn't seem to extract their cranium from their rectal orifice. Another good one was "operator headspace", used in describing an airhead.

Every job has these terms. Just ask a mechanic what is meant by "a loose nut behind the wheel".

Speaking of loose nuts, tonight I was in a local fried chicken restaurant, picking up dinner for my daughter and myself. My stepson is playing in an out of town baseball game, and my wife went to watch him, leaving me to take care of my daughter. Anyway, I witnessed a young man filling out an application for employment.

Please, for the love of God, learn how to dress and take care of simple personal hygiene before you ask for that application! He had one of those teenage scraggly, patchy, beards that say "I haven't shaved in 10 months, ever since I dropped out of school", his hair was greasier than the deep fryers in the back, and he was wearing a filthy ripped t-shirt that had definitely seen better days. To top it all off, he was wearing a knit cap with foul words and skulls all over it. Homeless? No! I witnessed him pull car keys and a nice cellphone from those scrungy pants pockets in search of who knows what.

Now, lest you think I'm just a prudish old fart, I guarantee you I can hold my own with any foul-mouthed Sailor or Marine(those fine fellows being the creme de la creme of cussers) you care to put up against me. That being said, I also guarantee you will never hear or see any, repeat, ANY word of questionable reputation from or on me during a job interview, even if the interviewer uses it first.

It's just plain common sense that you would want to impress the manager with your cleanliness and sense of responsibility, otherwise, why even bother? If you don't want the job, why even waste the sheet of paper?

That, my friends, is a clear visual definition of a PEBKAC, an I-D-10-T with an advanced case of recto-cranial insertion. Unfortunately, it seems to be catching, more and more.



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