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02 April, 2006

It's Too Damn Early... or Late... One Or The Other

Man, I love my job. Here I sit, at 0400(That's 4 o'clock in the Aay Emm) because we had a scheduled outage Saturday night/Sunday morning, and I didn't even have anything to do during this outage. I just had to be here because I am oncall this week.

Oh, well, I really do love my job, and this is a rarity. I just love to bitch, and hadn't had anything to bitch about lately. If I start talking about the illegal immigration issue, my head will asplode. If you start waving that Aztlan flag at me while complaining about the immigration bill, not only will I make you eat that f**kin' flag, I'll kick your ass all the way back to Mexico, afterwards. If you loved Mexico so much, get the hell back there.

Damn, see what happens when it's this early.



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