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28 March, 2006

City Politics

Well, the city agreed to apply for a grant and match funds with it for a new softball field. As some of you may remember, I blogged about this in my last incarnation. Now It's finally coming true. A field just for our special needs kids. Nothing on it will keep "regular" kids from playing there, but now there will be nothing to impede our kids. Wider entrances to the dugouts, sunken bases, base paths compacted harder for wheelchairs. Its a regular field, just more accomodating. And it will allow the Softball Assn. to host 16-team tournaments now. That's a pretty nice amount of money coming in for a small town softball league. About 20 girls on a team, 1 or 2 parents per girl, maybe siblings, too. Gotta eat, gotta have somewhere to sleep. That makes for some nice revenue for other businesses in town, too. I know it wasn't given to us just out of the goodness of their hearts, but at least it was given.



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