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30 June, 2006

My Favorite Acidman Post

Everybody has been putting trackbacks on their blogs to their favorite GutRumbles post since Rob's passing. I spent some time looking through the archives, but finally decided I don't have a favorite post. There are so many that show his love for his kids and his family. There are others that show his pride in being Southern. Still others show his joy in being a musician. Some of them show a somewhat misplaced anger at people who were only trying to help. Some show a well-deserved anger at people who are trying to take advantage of him or his loved ones. Some are funny. Some, not so much.

They're all my favorites.

Go through his archives, I bet they'll become yours, too.


  • At 01 July, 2006 08:46 , Blogger Lisa W. said...

    Walrilla, it was hard to pick just one for me, too. His family posts are my favourites. Are you going to send this post to Chablis for the carnival? It's really great.


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