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25 February, 2009

Tex Daddy Stylin'

I am going to New York City the first week of March. This is the Senior Trip my wife and I always go on with the seniors from her school.

This year, instead of a cruise, they all voted to go to NYC.

My wife managed to sneak me in on the trip.

We will be going to see a Broadway play while we are there.

We are going to see Wicked.

Defiantly, I am going to wear my own "Ruby Slippers".

Picture it! Black suit, black shirt, red silk tie and pocket square, and these shoes. All I need now is a walking stick with a brass skull atop it, and I am {thumbsnap}FAB-U-LOUS{/thumbsnap}!

Walrilla, The Flamboyant!

(I ain't even gonna tell ya what my wife said when she saw my new shoes!)


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