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24 February, 2009

Peace and Quiet

Well, he did it! Boy's been at Basic Training in Ft. Knox, KY since Feb. 3rd, with Boot Camp actually starting on Feb. 13th. Dear Wife has received a couple of letters, and one form letter just to let us know he arrived safely.

The best part of the letters? The line saying he was "glad that Dad was as hard on me as he was", that he would never have survived the D.I.'s, otherwise. I laughed out loud at that! Hard? He ain't seen hard! Basic ain't over, yet! He'll appreciate all those "tender, loving, discussions" he and I used to have, you just hide and watch!

Also, he's bitching about how he got into a squadron of talkers, even in formation, and how they are all always getting in trouble for it. A couple of blanket parties will clear THAT shit up, quick, fast, and in a hurry!

Carry on, my once wayward son, carry on.



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