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29 November, 2008

I Am Full of Teh Awsum!!!

Well, full of something, anyway!

Y'all know I'm trying to get my trike ready to go, right? Well, one of the things I am working on is the clutch pedal. I need to do some mods to it, due to my wooden leg. (OK, it's not really wooden, but that just rolls off the tongue sooo easily!) One thing I need to do is ride with boots, so I have a heel, which makes it harder for my foot to slip off, or get in the wrong position, when I need to disengage the clutch. With a large part of my leg on that side reduced to a 1" shaft, lace-ups were gonna be a no-go, and pull-ons were gonna be too loose. I got to thinking(dangerous, I know) about all the plastic foam the hardware is shipped in at work, and how firm, but shapeable it is, and I had a brainstorm!

Go get a sandwich! No, wait, that's not it!

Oh, yeah, carve a section to replace the bulk of my missing leg!

Here's what I started with:

I cut it into 6" lengths, then glued them into a 5"x8"x6" block, cut it in half, carved out a channel and spaces for the shaft and the hardware to fit in,fitted it to the shaft, then started carving the block down to an approximate replacement for the leg mass.

This is what was left after carving away the extraneous foam and hot glue.

Here's the leg without the foam.

Here's the leg with the foam.(I just realized, I made a prosthetic for the prosthetic! How recursive!)

Here's all the scrap that was carved off. I think there's more here than is left in the finished product!

Here's the table after I finished, and, yes, I did get it all cleaned up before Dear Wife returned! You can see the prosthetic's prosthetic between the glue gun and the original(duplicate) packing foam.

Now, some judicious hinting to the Missus for these, and I am all set!



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