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28 September, 2007

Hey, Everybody!

How's everyone doin'? Things are pretty copacetic around here, although I've been in a cast for the last week. No, nothing new, just this same leg... ok, HALF-leg, still not healing in one little spot, and a new spot has opened up that the young doctor said was from bending my knee. The bending was causing the bandage to rub on that spot, hence causing skin sloughage(wonderful word, sloughage, innit?). So he thought he'd just show me, and put the leg in a cast up to mid-thigh.

Know what? Unless specifically made to be weight-bearing, casts don't hold up too well, or at least my casts don't. The end was crushed in, the upper rim was going soft, and the crush aspect from the end was moving up toward my knee. Hey! Gotta go to work, right? Gotta get in and out of my car somehow, right? At least I couldn't bend my knee! Doesn't matter how awkward it was for me to move around, or to transfer into the car. Gotta keep that knee straight, at all costs!

Well, today when the older Dr. saw me, he asked me if I knew how to wrap my leg with just an Ace Bandage. I told him "Give me one, and I'll show you!" I wrapped that sucker up in a heartbeat! He said, " Well, I guess you do. Come see me in two weeks." Now I'm back to this two week appointment crap. Guess I'm just gonna have to build that wheelchair after all.


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23 September, 2007

Zoom, Zoom, NO Crunch!

Well, as promised, here are some pics of MY car.(Of course, I had to steal them from the dealer's website, but... ehh...)

From the front...

From the rear...

This is what the rims on it look like. It has ABS and 4-wheel disc brakes, which makes brake jobs very easy, and allows it to stop a little faster.

This is the inside. This picture makes it look a little lighter than it really is. The entire interior is black and dark charcoal. The tinted windows make it pretty dark inside, which really allows the A/C to cool very well.

The trunk is large enough to fit my wheelchair very easily, and the height of the top of the rear door allows me to swing my folded walker around it to put it in the backseat with ease. It's a 4-door, which makes the family happy for not having to crawl in and out of a 2-door, and there's sufficient room in the back seat, as long as my 6'5" friend isn't sitting in the front passenger seat.

All in all, a somewhat sporty car that serves the family well.

I'm happy, mostly. Of course, the Pontiac wasn't my first choice, but I think it's a happy compromise. B-)>


21 September, 2007

I'm Mobile Again!

Well, I finally got something to motorvate around in. A 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT.

This is not mine, but it looks just like it, down to the color of the paint, and the spoke rims. Mine has tinted windows, though. I had my mechanic check it out, and he couldn't find anything wrong with it.

It's not exactly what I wanted, but it'll do. At least until I get that Ferrari Testarossa. B-)>


P.S. Pics to follow soon.

16 September, 2007

Here I Go, Making Ya Think Again

Just stumbling around today, and caught this on YouTube. Watch it, and give me your opinions on it in the comments. I'll update this post after a few days, after I read your opinions, whereupon I'll give mine.

UPDATE: As promised, Here are my thoughts on this video. I, like all of you, found it a little sad, especially at the little tear at the end, but, here's the thing. Is that a tear of sadness from his fear of death, or is it a tear of joy from finally achieving his one and only heart's desire, flight? I found it very inspirational, that one should strive to achieve one's goals.

Remember, anything good is seldom easy; conversely, anything easy is seldom good.


Makes You Want To Cringe

Last night, my daughter said something that stunned me. We were watching something on tv that had nothing whatsoever to do with her statement. She said, "Daddy, I'm not comfortable."

I asked her what she meant.

She said, "I'm not comfortable around Black people."

Now, I'm not the most politically correct person in the world. In fact, I'm pretty f$#kin' far from it. But never, ever, ever have I espoused such a concept as that to her. She's 9 years old, for Pete's sake!

I kept questioning her and found out that there's a little girl in her class who's been hitting my daughter, and won't stop when Dear Daughter asks her to. I asked her if she's said anything to the teacher, and she said she had, but the teacher didn't do anything.

I kept telling her that this girl is just mean, and that it had nothing to do with the color of her skin. That there was no reason to be afraid of Black people in general, just because her tormentor happened to be black. Her mother and I have tried to raise her with this ideal; that just because a few people do something, it's not an indictment of the entire race.

I just fear we're losing.


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13 September, 2007

Pennies From Heaven

The adjuster finally called yesterday, and guess what? They're going to give me more than I expected for the car!

It's not as much as I wanted, but it is more than I expected, so I'm happy.

Now, I can start searching in earnest. I've had my eye on some Ford Mustang GT's, but I can't fit my wheelchair in the back, so I guess I'll end up with an extended cab pickup of some sort.

Oh, well. At least I'm rolling again.


07 September, 2007

It's Official

I heard from the other driver's insurance adjusters yesterday. They're going to total out my car.


They're supposed to get in touch with me today to tender their offer.

They better make it good, that's all I'm sayin'.


Update: Got a call from them a little after noon. She said "Our computer's been down allll day. I can't get in to tell you the value of your car. I'll have to call you Monday."(You did read that with the proper amount of whine in your voice, didn't you?) Delay, delay, delay. I'm getting mighty tired of this!