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19 August, 2008

The Truth Comes Out!

Hey, everybody! Now it can be told! Brad Paisley has issued a song which is a retelling of my life story, except more glamorous! Y'all go watch it, now!


10 August, 2008

Nothing More Needs To Be Said

Clickum for biggum

01 August, 2008

I Gots Flames!

Well, not exactly. But it's the closest to the flames I wanted that I can get, without special ordering the fabric and waiting four to six weeks for them to tell me they don't make that print any more.

But I'm not bitter. Really, I'm not!

Anyway, I picked up the new leg today, and I think it looks pretty snazzy, anyway.

And yes, that's really what it looks like. It's fabric, embedded over the carbon fiber of the socket, and encased in the resin. It's smoooooth!

You know, like me! B-)>

Now I just need to get that dang trike running... what... yes, I said running. Oh, I forgot to tell y'all, didn't I? I finally got time to get together with Running Behind to work on the trike. We stripped the fuel tank out of it in order to move the fuel fitting from the bottom of the tank to the back, took off the clutch pedal to turn it around to give me room to put my foot on it and push, and remove the seat to raise it 5 inches.

Well, guess what that durn fool did next? He ups and runs off to Sturgis for Bike Week, leaving my trike in pieces! Pieces, I tells ya!

Man, ya just cain't get good help these days!