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31 October, 2007

Some Good News, And A Bad Incident With A Good Outcome

Got some good news today! The Prosthetist finally fitted me for a Shrinker Sock! Hah, that's a fancy title for a stretchy tube of fabric that gets pulled up over the stump, then the loose end is twisted and pulled up over it, too. It aids in shrinking the stump down to a size compatible with fitting into a socket on the prosthetic. It forces all of the lymphatic fluid up out of the stump, since there's no return path for it, anymore.

So, that's the good news. The prosthetist thinks I can be in a leg by Christmas! HOT DAMN!!

Now, for the Bad Incident, take a look at the picture below. See that fuzzy, whitish-cream colored, pointy thing? Yeah, it's not really that fuzzy. It's a freakin' bone chip chunk, that's been in my stump since the surgery! Remember that I have a spot that just won't heal? Well, I think I found out why. Monday, it made its way to the surface, coming out of that aforementioned spot.

Monday afternoon, I had propped my leg up on my desk to place a bandaid over this wound. I wiped it with a Kleenex, and saw a white spot, which I thought was just a scab or some skin. I wiped it in the opposite direction, and it snagged the Kleenex! I was able to grab it with my thumb and forefinger, and started wiggling it side to side, VERY carefully! It finally dawned on me that it was bone, and I started pulling it out. And pulling it out! And pulling it out! I thought it was never gonna end! it's about a half-inch long, about an eighth of an inch across, and the spikes sticking out of it about a quarter inch long. Yeah, that's right, I said SPIKES! Sharp, pointy, cutty SPIKES! In My Leg! No wonder it hasn't healed yet! No way it could with this monstrosity inside there, poking and jabbing and cutting and slicing, oh, my!

So that's the Bad Incident With The Good Outcome. Bad, because this thing was stuck inside there for over 10 months. Good because that was what it did, outcome. Come out, I mean. Now I want my stump x-rayed, or MRI'ed, or something to prove to me there's nothing else inside there.

Now, let's git ta healin'!


P.S. I still have the chunk. I'm looking for a small glass vial to place it in so I can place it on a necklace and wear it around my neck. Hell, celebrities ain't the only ones what can be weird, doncha' reckon?

UPDATE: The spot I spoke of? The Spot That Wouldn't Heal? Well, guess what?

That's right, it's healing! It's not quite healed yet, but it's a hell of a lot better looking than it was before the chunk removal! HOT DAMN! Maybe my new leg's got a chance, after all.

17 October, 2007

The Thrilla With Walrilla...

And Baboon Pirates...
and Yeah, Right, Whatever...
and A Disregard For Timekeeping...
and Blogonomicon...
and... gosh... who knows who else!

That's right! It's Mini-Blogmeet time! El Capitan from Baboon Pirates has set this whole thing up and we're all meeting in Lockhart Saturday, Oct. 20th, at 11:00 am, at Kreuz Market, 619 N. Colorado St., 1 block S of Hwy 183 & 672, across from City Park. It's gonna be BBQ heaven!

It's gonna be a great time with a bunch of great people. All bloggers within sight of my blog are welcome to attend.

Yeah, that's right! I'm talkin' to you, K-nine, and you, too, 10%. B-)> Y'all need to come on down and join us. And anybody else that wants to see what a gaggle of bloggers looks like, come on down!

(Email me or El Capitan for more info)

15 October, 2007

Some Linky Love Going On

I just found a link in my stats meter to a fellow in Austin that everybody needs to check out. I haven't read a great deal of his archives yet, but what I have read is very entertaining. Sounds like someone I'd like to hang out with.


14 October, 2007

If It's Helen Time In Georgia, It Must Be Time For...

My annual phone call from Zonker to rub it in that he's there, and I'm not!

That's right, last night I was graced by a call from...

Zeejus Hizzownself!

Then Erica poured a little salt(Kosher, no doubt) into the wound by telling me how much fun she was having at Helen!

Even Richard from Shadowscope rubbed it in my face about how I shoulda been there!

Jeesh, enough, already! I know I shoulda been there! Believe me, if there had a been any way I coulda swung it, I woulda been there, poppin' wheelies in the 'Hooch!

All kidding aside, it was really great hearing from everybody, and you don't know how much I wished I could've come. Just no way to spare the simoleons this year, but hey, there's always next year, right?

Thanks for the call, peeps, you guys(and gals) are the greatest!

11 October, 2007


I'm here, I'm here! I'm just kinda... down. I'm not doin' anything, and I'm not makin' any progress, and it's just got me a little depressed, so, instead of puttin' a downer on everybody else, I've just been quiet. I'm okay, I just don't want to go all whiney on everyone. This is all my own doing, and y'all have been so very supportive. I hate bitchin' about stuff that is all my own fault, when everyone else has legitimate gripes and concerns.

Oh, and I hope everyone has a blast in Helen! Maybe next year, I can get there.