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14 October, 2007

If It's Helen Time In Georgia, It Must Be Time For...

My annual phone call from Zonker to rub it in that he's there, and I'm not!

That's right, last night I was graced by a call from...

Zeejus Hizzownself!

Then Erica poured a little salt(Kosher, no doubt) into the wound by telling me how much fun she was having at Helen!

Even Richard from Shadowscope rubbed it in my face about how I shoulda been there!

Jeesh, enough, already! I know I shoulda been there! Believe me, if there had a been any way I coulda swung it, I woulda been there, poppin' wheelies in the 'Hooch!

All kidding aside, it was really great hearing from everybody, and you don't know how much I wished I could've come. Just no way to spare the simoleons this year, but hey, there's always next year, right?

Thanks for the call, peeps, you guys(and gals) are the greatest!


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