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28 September, 2007

Hey, Everybody!

How's everyone doin'? Things are pretty copacetic around here, although I've been in a cast for the last week. No, nothing new, just this same leg... ok, HALF-leg, still not healing in one little spot, and a new spot has opened up that the young doctor said was from bending my knee. The bending was causing the bandage to rub on that spot, hence causing skin sloughage(wonderful word, sloughage, innit?). So he thought he'd just show me, and put the leg in a cast up to mid-thigh.

Know what? Unless specifically made to be weight-bearing, casts don't hold up too well, or at least my casts don't. The end was crushed in, the upper rim was going soft, and the crush aspect from the end was moving up toward my knee. Hey! Gotta go to work, right? Gotta get in and out of my car somehow, right? At least I couldn't bend my knee! Doesn't matter how awkward it was for me to move around, or to transfer into the car. Gotta keep that knee straight, at all costs!

Well, today when the older Dr. saw me, he asked me if I knew how to wrap my leg with just an Ace Bandage. I told him "Give me one, and I'll show you!" I wrapped that sucker up in a heartbeat! He said, " Well, I guess you do. Come see me in two weeks." Now I'm back to this two week appointment crap. Guess I'm just gonna have to build that wheelchair after all.


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