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23 August, 2007

PEBKACs Abound!

What the hell is going on? Out of the last 100 hits on my blog, 52 of them have been searches for PEBKAC! Did this get mentioned somewhere on TV, outside of tech channels? Was it used on that new show about two nerds and a hot girl? Where is it coming from?


P.S. Not that it's a bad thing, though. It's driving up my traffic! B-)>

Update: I still haven't found out why everyone is searching for pebkac, but I have been remiss in not defining what it is. PEBKAC is an acronym used widely in the Computer industry, most usually in the HekpDesk area. It describes what some users main problem actually is. It stands for Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair and is a very descriptive, if not flattering, term.


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