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20 August, 2007

That's It!

I'm never going to complain about nothing going on to blog about, ever again. As soon as you do, all hell breaks loose!

That is a bruise and blood blisters closest to my wrist, a slight scrape just below my elbow, and a bigger scrape above my elbow.

I know it looks like a big slice, but it's just a scrape, really!

Looks bad as hell, though, don't it?

Just in case you're wondering, that's what your arm looks like after the airbag goes off in your steering wheel. Yep, that's right, we were in a wreck.

My wife, my daughter, and I were exiting the loop, and a three kids in a car ran a stop sign, and smacked into my right front quarterpanel, just on or just in front of the front wheel. Everybody's OK. I was the most injured, but it was only scratches and bruises. The ambulance took my daughter to the ER because she was complaining of pain in the hip area, and my wife rode with her, complaining of pain in her knee and foot. I let a firefighter put a couple of 4x4 gauze pads on my scrapes, and I stayed at the scene, talking to the officer working the accident. The other driver said her brakes went out, not allowing her to stop. She got three tickets for running the stop sign, not wearing her glasses, and having no insurance. She says she has insurance, but only had an expired insurance card with her.

She better hope she does.

My wife and daughter were X-rayed at the ER, and palpated and examined, and pronounced fine. I'm ok, except for the scrapes, but my poor little PT Cruiser... according to my wife, the whole front end was shifted over. My door was jammed shut, but I was able to muscle it open from the driver's seat. Looks like it might be totaled out. I failed to get any pictures at the scene, but I'm going in the morning to the body shop where they towed it, to get my CD's and my disabled placard out of it, so I hope to take the camera and get some shots.

Guess I'm gonna need that Jet-powered wheelchair, after all.


P.S. My first thought, after finding out everyone was OK at the scene? When the paramedic or firefighter came up to ask me if I was OK, I thought about saying, "I can't find my foot!", and then laughing like hell after they started to react to a severed leg, but I was good and didn't pull any pranks at all. Can't say I didn't laugh my ass off thinking about it, though!

Update: Here's a couple of pics I managed to snap this morning at the body shop.

You can see where the bumper hit just behind the wheel.


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