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26 June, 2007

A Signal Honor

Well, dang! Seems like ol' Groanin' Jock, over in Scotchland Scotland has done flung a Thinking Blogger Award at me. Now, don't worry, I won't tag none a' y'all, since I already did this one, but I did want to recognize him for this honor he has shown me.

I am also grateful that, of all my posts, erudite and otherwise, he chose the one I felt the most strongly about. For that, I am doubly honored. Honored in the fact that he thought enough of that post to nominate me for the award, but also, in choosing that post, the message contained therein will be spread to an even greater audience.

Thank you, my friend.


P.S. As I said last time, everyone on my blogroll makes me stop and think, and he has definitely earned a spot there.


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