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19 July, 2007

Rumors Of My Demise...

Are greatly exaggerated. Well, maybe not greatly, but still exaggerated, nonetheless. Y'all know how it gets sometimes, too much to do, and not enough time to do it all. That seems to be my main problem, that and too much month at the end of my money, but we've all got that complaint. B-)>

I've been tasked to take over new responsibilities at work. Ain't giving up none of the old, though, so I've been busier than a one-legged midget at an ass-kicking contest(you think about that for a minute). C'est la guerre!

Good to see Livey and Jimbo finally got rid of their steam-driven computers and moved into the jet age.

On a related note, look who's blogging now! That's right, it's SweetThing, GuyK's better, and much prettier, half! Charming, just charming! And she is, too.

I went back tonight and read all the comments y'all left on that post letting you all know about my amputation. Damn. Talk about an outpouring of love, for somebody most of y'all had never met. I still get choked up reading them. That was a major reason I got through it so well. If I haven't told y'all lately, then just read on.

Y'all are some DAMN GOOD PEEPS!!!

That can't be said loud enough, or often enough, to express my love for all y'all and everything y'all did, just by your thoughts, prayers, and good wishes!


P.S. I know I say y'all a lot. I'm just trying to educate the rest of America on proper usage. Y'all can mean one to three people, while all y'all means four or more.
Just tryin' to do my part for proper grammar. Proper Texas grammar, that is.


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