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17 October, 2007

The Thrilla With Walrilla...

And Baboon Pirates...
and Yeah, Right, Whatever...
and A Disregard For Timekeeping...
and Blogonomicon...
and... gosh... who knows who else!

That's right! It's Mini-Blogmeet time! El Capitan from Baboon Pirates has set this whole thing up and we're all meeting in Lockhart Saturday, Oct. 20th, at 11:00 am, at Kreuz Market, 619 N. Colorado St., 1 block S of Hwy 183 & 672, across from City Park. It's gonna be BBQ heaven!

It's gonna be a great time with a bunch of great people. All bloggers within sight of my blog are welcome to attend.

Yeah, that's right! I'm talkin' to you, K-nine, and you, too, 10%. B-)> Y'all need to come on down and join us. And anybody else that wants to see what a gaggle of bloggers looks like, come on down!

(Email me or El Capitan for more info)


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