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17 March, 2008

Oh, Yeah

And Happy St. Paddy's Day, too!

It's to celebrate when St. Patrick got all the snakes in Ireland drunk on green beer, then fell in threw 'em in the green-colored river... or something like that, I dishremember(hic), eczhactly, just right now.


WoW Is Eeeeeeviiilllll!!!!

Do NOT start playing World of Warcraft! If you do, you will be sucked into a portal between dimensions, where it will be impossible to break free, and do anything like read, or send emails, or actually keep everybody updated on the progress of your mother's bypass surgery, or your new prosthetic leg(both of which are doing extremely well, her moreso than me, and I'm not having any problems), or... well, or ANYthing!

On the other hand, I'm now a 13th level Human Paladin, with Holy Resurrection skill. And that's in just a few days' time!

Oh, God, I'm such a nerd geek, it's not funny.

Walrilla(who ought to change his name to Nerdrilla)