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29 July, 2006

Oh, Yeah, I Gots This

Once again, I venture forth upon the trusty old tramp steamer(cruise ship) bound for deepest, darkest Central America(Cozumel) and points west(Jamaica and Cayman Islands). This time, your intrepid adventurer(lazy bum) will not only be joined by his trusty sidekick(dear wife), but by other stalwart explorers(the kids and the in-laws). As before, we will exist on whatever we can forage(grand dining rooms, 24-hour pizza bars, and midnight buffets), sleep in primitive conditions(balcony stateroom), and generally live in and amid squalor(be waited on hand and foot).

Fear not for us(nyah nyah), for we shall survive by our wits(wha?), and be the better for it(stuffed like a teddy bear).

OK, enough of that. Yeah, we're leaving in the morning for Galveston, there to board the ship for the cruise I won playing bingo last year. I finally finished all of my installs and projects Friday, only to be given another one at 4 o'clock, right before I walked out the door. Oh, well, job security. I got it started, and will finish it when I return. Right now, I am packing and anticipating that first frosty tropical drink when we walk on board. I'll be sure and post some pictures when I get back, but I have a wound on my leg, so I can't go snorkeling or anything like that, but I will get whatever pictures I can with a cigar in one hand and a scotch and water in the other(hmmm, I sense a problem there).

See you when I get back!


28 July, 2006

'Cause I Gots Nuthin' Better

21 July, 2006

Smoke 'em If Ya Got 'em

I got started thinking about smoking tonight. I was enjoying a nice cold beer on my back porch after I got home from work today, when the craving for a cigarette hit me like a freight train on a downhill grade. What the hell is this, I thought. It's been more than 10 years since I stopped smoking.

I started smoking when I was 11 years old, stealing cigarettes and, sometimes, whole packs from my dad. I continued, working up to 2 and a half packs a day, until I was 31.

You'd think I would know better. My Grandfather died of Lung Cancer when I was 6 or 7. My father died of a heart attack when I was 23. I still continued to smoke until the age of 31, when I had 2 heart attacks in one year. That scared the shit out of me and I stopped cold turkey. I still smoke an occasional cigar, but not many, and far between.

I thought I was doing good, but this craving took me by surprise. I still think about grabbing a smoke now and then, but I never had a craving like this. 10 years, and I was ready to throw it all away for a puff or two.



17 July, 2006

Don't Pay The Ransom, I've Escaped!

Not really, I'm still stuck like hell. Went shooting with Cap'n and Beth a couple of weeks ago, then the damned bottom dropped out at work. Long hours, late nights. Yeah, yeah, I know everyone else is stuck like that, too. I'm just whining.

I really had fun at the Blogshoot. I'd welcome the chance to go again, anytime. Problem is, I have no time to spare. I'm trying to get a bunch of projects and installs done before I leave on vacation, so I don't walk back into a shitstorm, afterwards. I guess I'll get it done, if it don't kill me first.


01 July, 2006

Go On, Tell Me What A Racist I Am

Well, here's an example of some more of those "poor immigrants who just want a job". Go read this one, if you can stand it. Then come back and spout some more bullshit about how they're all peaceful and are just here looking for jobs.

This won't be mentioned in any great way by the news outlets. And that's a damned shame.