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21 July, 2006

Smoke 'em If Ya Got 'em

I got started thinking about smoking tonight. I was enjoying a nice cold beer on my back porch after I got home from work today, when the craving for a cigarette hit me like a freight train on a downhill grade. What the hell is this, I thought. It's been more than 10 years since I stopped smoking.

I started smoking when I was 11 years old, stealing cigarettes and, sometimes, whole packs from my dad. I continued, working up to 2 and a half packs a day, until I was 31.

You'd think I would know better. My Grandfather died of Lung Cancer when I was 6 or 7. My father died of a heart attack when I was 23. I still continued to smoke until the age of 31, when I had 2 heart attacks in one year. That scared the shit out of me and I stopped cold turkey. I still smoke an occasional cigar, but not many, and far between.

I thought I was doing good, but this craving took me by surprise. I still think about grabbing a smoke now and then, but I never had a craving like this. 10 years, and I was ready to throw it all away for a puff or two.




  • At 21 July, 2006 11:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Don't do it man... I wish I could quit. It'd be like gettin' a damned raise if I did!



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