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20 December, 2008

I Bow To His Superior Geekness

I have seen the master, and I am not worthy. He built this interface himself, or so I am told.

We're not worthy!
We're not worthy!


16 December, 2008

Success(not mine)

Dear Wife just came out of recovery three hours ago from surgery for a roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Everything went great, and they found a hiatal hernia that no one knew was there, and repaired it, too. She is recovering nicely.

Our daughter had a school play tonight, and as soon as DW made it to the recovery room, she was bugging the nurse for a phone, so she could call DD and wish her well before her play! I mean, minutes, just minutes, after awakening, she was on that phone!

Gotta love her! (She might beat me up, otherwise. LOL )


08 December, 2008

Mea Culpa

Well I soppose any mention of a book is good. Thanks for buying a copy Nine bows HG

Hallett German 12.08.08 - 3:11 pm

Well, looks like I done put my foot in it again. This remark was left on my post about the Nearest Book meme. I don't suppose he'll read it again, but if he does, here goes.

Mr. German,
I would like to apologize for my flippant remarks regarding your book. It really is an excellent book on command languages. No disrespect was meant, and I hope none was taken. I actually use this nearly every day in my profession, and it was the nearest book to me.

Being that most of my readers are not technologically inclined or employed, I thought to inject some humor into what, for some, would be a rather dry subject. It was not my intent to denigrate or belittle this very educational book.

Thank you,

If y'all are technologically inclined or employed, get his book:

Command Language Cookbook
For Mainframes, MiniComputers, and PC's

by Hallett German

It really is an excellent book for REXX and other similar languages.