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18 December, 2007

We Gotz LOLKittehs!

As promised, here are some pics of the furballs, and some of the Grand Matriarch Cat. She really hasn't accepted the kittens yet, but we have to keep them seperated for a week, because the kittens have worms, and our cat doesn't.

That's Isabella on the left, with the whiter patch on her nose, and Smokey on the right. Remember, our son is a firefighter. The first time I saw these cats, my wife told me of her plan to let the kids name them. I told her right away, that Dear Son would name her Smokey. Now where the name Isabella came from, that's any body's guess.

Mah lazers r charged, but Ah'm not thru sulkin' yet!

This is Priscilla, sulking under the bench at the end of our bed, because we have the kittens out of their isolation room.

We can see here how tore up the kittens are about Purr-purr sulking in the other room.

Ok, done sulkin'! You may hold me now. I said, you may hold me now!



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