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14 December, 2007

Checking In

Hi. Once I got out of the hospital and back to work, I got stuck on a BIG project that's taking all of my time, hence, no posting. Sorry.

On a sadder note, my wife lost one of her cats right after Thanksgiving. the poor thing had crystals in her urinary tract, was miserable, and not getting better. The vet recommended suggested removing her from her pain, and my wife reluctantly agreed. This tore my wife up for a good while.

Just yesterday, my wife called me at work and said another teacher had some kittens to give away. Their mother had been killed by a dog, and he had rescued them from the same fate. He was going to make them outside cats, unless he could give them away.

Now, how am I going to say no to a story like that?

Long story short, we're now the GRANDparents(ostensibly, she gave the cats to our kids, meaning, they get to name them, we get to care for them) to two 8-week old fuzzy little furballs. They're Chocolate-Point Siamese, according to the vet.

My wife is bound and determined to turn me into a cat-person.


P.S. Pictures soon, I promise.

Clarification: I know it sounded like we put her to sleep pretty fast, but it wasn't like that. My wife gave her two or three courses of antibiotics, the cat stayed at the vet for a while, all that stuff. Believe me, putting her to sleep was the LAST thing my wife wanted to do. There was just no other option. Sorry I made it sound like that.


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