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20 December, 2007

Great News

Almost forgot to share this.

I went back to the Prosthetist Wednesday. As you all remember, I was supposed to be casted for the new leg the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. Instead, I went ahead and got sick and developed Cellulitis in the good leg, and in the stump, before Thanksgiving. That put the kibosh on that.

Well, I finally got another appointment, figuring they would just look at it, ensure that it was still doing well, and schedule the casting for later on. I got in there, she called me back, and when I got in the room, she told me to scoot a little closer to her, onto the chair mat, because she was a little messy with the plaster.

That's right! They went ahead and casted me on Wednesday! YEEEE-HAAAAW! She said that she would send the mold off to be recreated in clear plastic. This is supposed to come in as soon as next week! Then, she'll fit it to my leg, shaving some off, building some parts up, and whatever is required. Then it goes back and they cast the real socket. I go back in, get fitted in that, and WALK OUT WITH MY LEG! That's right, I said WALK out!

How cool is this? I am almost beside myself with anticipation! I am so ready to get out of this wheelchair and back on my own two feet, I can't stand it!



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