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19 January, 2008

"Lt. Dan! You Got Magic Legs!"

-Forrest Gump

Okay, more like magic LEG, 'cause the other one's still the original equipment, but you know what I'm going for here.

Yep, I got it yesterday, like I said I was going to, but I've been so busy dancing, and running foot races, that I haven't had time to stop and tell you about it.

Okay, so maybe not dancing and running, but I have been showing it off to family and co-workers. Right now, I'm using crutches to aid in my walking, but, by G*d, it's WALKING. I didn't think I was ever gonna get to this point.

One year and six days! It's been that long since my amputation.

What a long, strange trip it's been. And I'm glad y'all were here to share the trip with me. Friends like y'all have made this a much more bearable journey.


P.S. Camera batteries are charging. Pics soon.

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