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21 January, 2008

Here I am, Ready for GQ*

Well, as promised, here are the pictures.

This is me.
(Yes, yes, I know. The pants are sagging on one side, because that's where I keep my wallet, and cellphone, and car keys, and house and work keys, and pocket knife, and about 5 bucks in change. No wonder it's sagging.)

This is me, showing off.

There it is, in all its' glory.
The socket is made out of carbon fiber, so it's stronger than steel. It's gotta be, to hold me up.

This is the liner I wear on my stump, turned inside out so I can wash it.

This is the liner, right side out, ready to be turned inside out again, so I can roll it back onto my leg. That bolt-looking thing sticking out of the end of it is the shank that goes into a lock in the bottom of the socket, which ratchets tight as it slides in. There's a button on the other side of the socket that releases it.

Well, that's it. I'm upright and mobile again. As I was walking out the door at lunch today, I passed a lady standing in the hall. She saw my crutches and said, "Ooh, that's no fun!"

I turned back to her and said, "Actually, it IS a lot of fun. I've been stuck in a wheelchair for the past year, and just got my new leg this past Friday. I'm having a blast, being up and walking, even if it is on crutches."

She laughingly agreed, saying "Yeah, I guess, when you look at it that way, you're absolutely correct!"

Next time, we'll talk about liner socks, and the proper selection thereof, and what a royal pain in the ass they are..


*That's Gimps Quarterly


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