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02 April, 2007

My First Day Back

Well, I made it through to the end of the day without passing out. Of course, all I did today is reorient myself with my libraries and datafiles. Amazing what you forget in just three months, isn't it? I have no recollection at all of what I was working on when I left in January, although it doesn't really matter because my coworkers have finished it for me and gone on to other things now. I guess I'll get back up to speed soon, but does my brain ever feel like a big sack of tapioca pudding now!



  • At 02 April, 2007 22:58 , Blogger Hammer said...

    It's hard getting back into the swing of things. Glad things are getting back to normal.

    I was wondering where can I find more info on the meeting in kerrville?


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