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23 March, 2007

A Good Report

Well, I had a good visit with my Internal Medicine doctor today. He said that my HBA1c level was down from 12 to 7.5. That means my three-month average for my blood sugar went from well over 300 to around 180. For me, that's hella-good news! I know it's not where it should be, but at least it's on the decline! YAY!!!!

He also said that the triglycerides were down(good), but the LDL is up(bad). He put me back on LesChol, which has worked well before, so that's good. And my blood pressure was 134/76! That's without any BP medicine at all, since he took me off it after I nearly passed out at PT one day last month. When they measured it that day, it was around 60/30. That's right, sixty over thirty. That is definitely not a fun feeling, folks. That's getting way too close to NO pressure!

All in all, a pretty good visit! Guess I'm gonna be around for a little while longer!




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