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31 March, 2007

Ya Gotta Show If Ya Wanna Know

Started thinking about the wardrobe choices for the Kerrville Blowout tonight. Not packing yet, just thinking about what to bring. Everybody has already seen my Walrilla shirt, so that's probably not coming. Hawaiian-floweredy shirts are cool, but that choice is usually taken by Elisson, so I'd hate to clash with him.

I know! I'll get some shirts from here.

Lots of interesting choices, don't you think?I like that one that says "Leg Story $10" because, well, you know, I can always use some extra money, but nah, I could never charge anybody for my dumb story.

I ended up purchasing two of them. Which two? Well, I guess you'll just have to show up at Kerrville to find out!

(Yes, my parents were married. Why do you ask?)


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