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29 March, 2007

Well, So Long!

So long to my forced vacation, that is! I went to the ortho doc today, and he released me to go back to work! How freakin' sweet is that? I get to go back Monday, April 2nd. I went by work and let them know, and they've started tearing down cube walls so I can get into my cubicle again.

Unfortunately, it seems I missed too many team meetings, and I got assigned basically everything because I wasn't there to say no. Oh, well, it'll be good just to go back to work. My boss has said I could work from home most of the week, so that'll be good.

I'll tell you what, I was going stir crazy sitting around here, doing nothing. Of course, for January and most of February, I didn't want to do anything but be still. At that time, the leg still hurt, and the phantom pain was driving me crazy! Recently, though, the pain has abated, the incision is healed, and the phantom pain has eased somewhat. I have been getting out and going to lunch with my mother on the days she takes me to my Dr. appointments and my PT sessions, and we have enjoyed each other's company, but I'm ready to get back to being productive.



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