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19 April, 2007

24 Hours In A Daze

Crap! Let's not have a repeat of the last day, please!

It all started about 10:00 last night. My aunt called and said that the ambulance was picking up my mother and taking her to the ER because she thought she was having a heart attack. Mom had pain in her left shoulder, radiating up into her neck, a heaviness in her chest, and moderate difficulty breathing.

The phone hadn't even settled in the cradle before I was in my car cruising to the hospital. I didn't break any speed limits getting there, but I sure bent the hell out of 'em! I get there and the ambulance hasn't even made it yet, and Mom and I live about the same distance from the hospital. I have to wait fifteen minutes before they even got there, and once they did, another hour before they get her registered in, and allowed me to go back to see her.

I get back there, and she's sitting up, apologizing for getting me out of the house, and complaining that my aunt and some other family members "made me come to this damned place, and there ain't a damned thing wrong with me". I, of course, agreed with her, and proceeded to tell her exactly how much better it would have been if there really had been something wrong, and how much my daughter would have appreciated not having her grandmother around any more. That shut the complaining up in a hurry!

They ran tests, took x-rays, and took an EKG, all of which showed no problems(Thank God). They kept her overnight for observation, just in case. After that, it was more waiting in the ER room until they could get a bed. She was finally moved to a room about 03:00, where my brother-in-law and I left her to rest comfortably, as we went home to get some sleep. When I got home,I signed in to work and sent them an email saying I would be coming in late.

When I finally woke up this morning, I called in and said that I would be "working from home", code for "I have stuff to do, so I'm not coming in, but I'm available by cell or beeper, if needed". It's one thing to sneak around and do that. It's quite another to be told by your boss that he doesn't expect us to really work from home, but just to be available if needed. Sanctioned hooky is da bomb-diggity!! Anyway, I headed back to the hospital to sit with Mom until my appointment with my ortho doc.

After the appointment(which was good. I no longer have to put a garbage bag on my leg when I shower, now), I went back to my Mom's room. She asked me if I was ready to take her home. Turns out, no heart attack(good), only a dysfunction of her left ventricle(not serious), she's already on the appropriate medication to control it, and they're discharging her. So, more waiting! Yay! They finally discharged her a little after 06:30 this evening, and I took her to my aunt's place to spend the night tonight.

That made me late to the dedication of the new ball field for my daughter's special needs softball league. There's nothing on this field that would prevent a regular team from using it, just improvements like wider dugouts, bases level with the field, and a harder infield surface, all making it much more accessible for the kids with special needs. Major League Baseball, operating under the foundation of Baseball Tomorrow, donated a significant sum toward building this field. Drayton McLane, owner of the Houston Astros, spoke at the dedication, and signed my daughter's shirt. I got there a little after the game started, but was just glad to be there at all.If you're tired of hearing stories about sports parents arguing and fighting, and kids being put under severe pressure to perform, I suggest you go to a special needs game. Everyone cheers when a kid bats, both sides. Nobody yells, except words of cheer and encouragement. I tell you what, it does a heart good to see these games.

I finally got home around 09:30, and grabbed a quick bite. I'm going to bed now, to sleep until noon... Oh, crap! Tomorrow's only Friday! Guess I'll sleep until Too-Damn-Early o'clock, go to work, and pass out when I get home tomorrow.

Oh, well! Tomorrow's another day-and-a-half.


P.S. Mom? It's not a bother, it's called love, and you really didn't expect me not to be there, did you?


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