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22 September, 2006

Never Put Off Until Tomorrow...

What you can chop your foot off and cure today.

Well, guess what? More foot trouble, yeehaw.

Last September or so, I dislocated my second toe on my left foot. It's above and a little to the left of where it's supposed to be. It doesn't hurt, it just looks a little weird. Well, last week, I started noticing what I thought was a bunion on the ball of my left big toe, so I made an appointment with the podiatrist.

The x-rays revealed an interesting sight. The big toe is dislocating toward the space the second toe is supposed to occupy, the bone the big toe attaches to is moving to the right, and the big toe is pushing on the second toe, which is pushing on and dislocating the third toe. Plus, the skin over the bone moving to the right is rubbing on my shoe and creating a big ol' blister.

My podiatrist has no idea what to do, and is going to confer with her colleague, and with her husband, who is also a podiatrist. Three doctors, just to figure out what to do with my little ol' foot. OK, my big honkin' foot.

Oh, my other leg is getting better, though. Slowly, but surely, new skin is growing over the wound from the edges, just like they want. Seems whirlpool therapy is da bomb. 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, foot stuck in tub, marinating in water and iodine, getting massaged by the whirlpool jet, that's the life! NOT!

Somehow, I'm not seeing this one end well, sports fans.



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