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04 September, 2006

My Son is a Driver, Now!

My son got his driver's license one week ago last Thursday. His grandparents are selling him their 2004 PT Cruiser. So what's the first thing he does last Thursday? Why, have a wreck, obviously!

Late Thursday afternoon, he left home to photograph the Middle School football game for his private school. He's on the yearbook staff as Photo Editor and Photographer. He claims the sun was glaring from the rear window of a car in front of him, so he didn't see the brake lights on the car as it stopped to turn left. He slammed on his brakes and then the car behind him rear-ended him. Everyone's OK, and his car got away with minimal damage, but the front end of the rear car was caved in, and leaking coolant everywhere. Son's bumper is scuffed up and has a crack about a foot long on the underside, and his hitch was bent until it pointed straight down(Side Note: What the hell is a PT Cruiser doing with a hitch?)

Hopefully, he learned his lesson, and will start believing that everyone out there driving is a bad driver, as long as he doesn't start believing he isn't.



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