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04 September, 2006

Pics From The Cruise

Well, well, well! Arfull good of "The Man" to allow me some free time to finally post again, wot? Nothing like it, I say!

Okay, okay, enough with the crappy English accent. Here are a few pictures from the cruise. These first few are of our guide in Jamaica, Dalton, and some of the beautiful flowers and plants on his banana plantation.

This is Dalton.

This is a Cigar Flower and a Cattail Flower.

This is a Ginger Flower, and it feels like it is an artificial flower. The petals feel like they are made out of plastic.

These are Banana trees and Pineapple plants.

This is, from the left, my daughter, my mother-in-law, my son, and my father-in-law, all listening intently as David(behind the counter) teaches us how to make the perfect Pina Colada.

Ths one and the next one show a small, small part of the crowd out on Stingray City sandbar in The Cayman Islands when my wife, son, daughter, and mother-in-law swam with the stingrays. There were about 300 people in all out there.

This is my daughter holding the turtle she caught all by herself at the turtle farm in Grand Cayman.

These are the rock formations in Hell, Grand Cayman. It really does look rather hellish, and you can easily imagine lava and lakes of fire around these spires.

Nothing really good from when they swam with the dolphins in Playa Del Carmen, except for this one of the dolphins saying, "Goodbye!"

And with that one, I better say Goodbye for now, too. I will look through the pictures from their waterproof cameras when we get them developed, and see if there are any good ones I think you would like to see, too.



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