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15 September, 2006

Help Would Be Appreciated

OK, here's the thing. I semi-remember a movie from my youth, and it's driving me crazy. I know you peeps out there can hook me up.

Unfortunately, I don't remember much. I do remember the premise of the movie, if not the plot. Again, this was a '60's movie, so there probably wasn't much of a plot. If I remember correctly, the premise was a family moves to or lives under the sea, like in an experimental underwater house. I seem to recall the opening credits had dolphins towing their luggage and band equipment in a bubble-top trailer. And the family was a band, too, like the Partridge family. The credits were done in a late '60's, early '70's, "That Girl" drawn style, kind of like this.

That seems to be all I remember. Just that it was one of those movies from that era where every movie was a teen movie, and there had to be a band in it. Not a terribly good band, but one put together by some old studio fogeys that thought because they had a good looking girl playing tambourine, and a couple of squeaky clean boys playing some quasi-rock n' roll, it was bound to be a hit.

I know someone out there has seen this movie, and can supply the title for me. Please?

Help me restore my sanity!



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