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14 May, 2008

Trippin' Out The Normals

Hi, all.

Still here, still doing the do. Still just trying to keep my head above water. You know how it is.

I have learned one new trick, though.

You see, I love to mess with people. Nothing cheers me up quite like someone doing a double take at something I do or say. Nothing like f#$kin’ with people’s minds to put a smile on your face.

The latest thing I do when, God forbid, I have to “camp out” in a public restroom is to take my leg off and turn it to a weird angle, in regards to my real foot. You know the ones I’m talkin’ about, right, the ones you can see under the stall walls?

Yeah, you can get some pretty funny exclamations from people. I even had one guy ask me if I was all right, or did I need some help? It’s hard as hell to convince someone you’re OK, when it’s all you can do to keep from laughing out loud, sittin’ there.

I oughta be shot.



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