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27 February, 2008

The Zipper Club*

Sorry I wasn’t able to update y’all any sooner.. They took her back to the OR at 07:30, and told us they would be through around 12:00 or a little later. They kept us updated regularly, when she went on bypass, when she went off bypass, how she was doing, everything we could have wanted to know.

At 10:45, they called us up for another update, and said,”She’s through. They’re taking her to Cardiac ICU for recovery. The surgeon will be right in to talk to you.” My heart leapt into my throat. Wild thoughts ran through my head. This was too fast! The doc is going to give us bad news! Oh, God, what’s wrong! They ushered us in to a special room, not the standard consultation rooms across the waiting room! Why are we in here? What are they going to tell us?

The doc came in and said, “We’re through. Your mom is fine. The operation was completely routine. No complications, everything went smooth as silk, and so did the MAZE procedure.” He went on to tell us of other details he thought important enough to share, but I had already heard the most important detail of the whole deal. Mom came through with flying colors! She’s going to be OK! As for that “special” room? The waiting room nurse told me, “There were so many of y’all, it was the only room big enough to hold ya!” Well, thanks a hell of a lot! Maybe you coulda mentioned that fact when you took us in to the room labeled TRAUMA, instead of letting us think the WORST!

Now, if only the recovery had went as fast as the operation! She did fine, but because she has problems with her liver, she took a long time to metabolize the anaesthesia, and wake up. According to the nurses, she was doing great, recovering nicely, but they didn’t want anybody in the room when she woke up, so as not to startle her, or let her think she needed to get up and talk to us too soon. So, off we shuffled to the waiting room, to sit, and sit, and grow calluses on our butts. My stepbrother and I sent everybody else home, and we sat and waited until the nurse let us in again, around 20:30. She then told us they were going to remove the vent tube in about an hour, so we spoke to Mom, told her we were going to be back, and sent her all the love from everybody, and we’d see her in a little bit.

She nodded, and we left for the waiting room again. We returned around 21:45, after they removed the vent tube, and was able to talk to her, and have her respond. Still kinda out of it, but responding with one or two word answers. We stayed with her for a while, and finally left around 22:00, after she started nodding off for longer and longer periods.

I got to see her again today around lunch, and she’s feeling remarkably less pain than she anticipated. I think she stressed about it more than necessary. Believe me, I was stressed enough for the both of us.

But what I really believe is that the prayers and thoughts from all of you helped more than anyone can possibly know. I appreciate all of you so much!


*-I'm sure most of you know, but for those who don't, the Zipper Club is an informal name for those who have had Open Heart Surgery.


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