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02 May, 2008

Hail, Yeah!

Well, isn't this interesting. Last Friday, we had a hailstorm and tornado come through our town. We were fortunate enough to miss the tornado, but not so fortunate with the hail. My son's truck got a few dings, as he was parked at the Fire Station. My Pontiac got a lot more damage sitting by our house, and my wife's Lexus hybrid SUV(SRF's that we are) lost the rear window, and received dents by the dozen.

Yesterday we went to the Insurance Adjustor's place, and we got our checks for the damage. The truck got $2400, my wife's Lexus got $3300, and my little POS Grand Prix got a whopping $5500 in repair money. What the hell? Is it made from tinfoil? Recycled beer cans?

Me, I'm gonna take the check and the car, and maybe trade them in for one of these. Hailstorms, be damned! No parking, be damned! I'll just park where, and on top of, what I want.



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